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Riley Goff is a Criminal Justice Studies and Political Science double major on the Pre-Law Track. She's originally from Louisville and has plans to attend law school after graduation. She shares some of her experiences in the Pre-Law program and offers advice for students thinking about choosing Bellarmine.  

How has your Bellarmine experience prepared you for your future plans? 


Bellarmine has prepared me for my future plans in many ways! First, it allowed me to take courses that I am interested in and that relate to my future plans. For example, I have been in criminal law, juvenile delinquency, and strategic intelligence. The courses are amazing and make me feel prepared for law school and my future career!

Second, the professors and faculty are all incredible. They not only help with coursework, but care about you as a person. They are always available to help, whether it be for a question about a paper or help with law school related questions! Finally, Bellarmine has allowed me to grow not only in the classroom, but through extracurricular activities. I am involved in Pre-Law Society, Political Science Club, and the Orientation Program. All of these activities allow me to feel involved in the community, grow as a leader, and work towards my future plans! Everyone can find their place at Bellarmine!  

What is a distinctive opportunity you’ve had while attending Bellarmine? 

One distinctive opportunity I had while attending Bellarmine was interning with a criminal defense attorney. Dr. Scott, the Pre-Law Director, connected me with this wonderful opportunity. Over a semester, I got to be involved in various cases and had many projects that I was working on. Alongside the attorney, I met with federal prosecutors, sat in on numerous court sessions, and met with defendants in the office and the correctional facility. Through this experience, I got to meet many incredible people who can help me with my future plans, while also gaining a lot of experience to add to my resume and to make me stand out when applying to law school!

Bellarmine allowed me to not only find this internship, but they were supportive along the internship journey and allowed it to count for three credit hours towards my degree.  

What advice do you have for students thinking about where to go to college? 


The college search can be very daunting, but it is important! One piece of advice I have is to keep an open mind. You never know what you will like until you look around and try new things! Make sure you look into what each college offers, including courses, extracurricular activities, social life, and post-graduate resources.

Bellarmine has a great mix of school life and social life! I have found my place at Bellarmine, and I hope you will choose to call it home as well!    

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