Biology Department

The Department of Biology offers a broad curriculum that prepares students for graduate, medical, dental, veterinary, and other studies. Biology students have the opportunity to participate in research with departmental faculty, as well as in exchange programs and studies abroad.

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Roberta C. Challener, Ph.D (email)
Joanne J. Dobbins, Ph.D. (email) (website
Caroline Doyle, Ph.D. (email)
Mary O. Huff, Ph.D. (
email) (website
Mark E. Kaelin, M.S., Instructor (email) (website)
Paul J. Kiser, Ph.D. (email
Anthony J. Lentz, Ph.D. (email) (website
David J. Porta, Ph.D. (email) (website
Gail Ramirez-Icaza, Ph.D., Instructor (email)
David L. Robinson, Ph.D. (email) (website
Steven D. Wilt, Ph.D., Chair (email)
Robert W. Korn, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus (email) (website)

Careers in Biology

Study Abroad

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