Alpha Psi Omega

Bellarmine Theatre is proud to house a chapter of Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society (ΑΨΩ), an American honor society for participants in collegiate theatre.

Membership in APO is beneficial to you in a number of ways. First, as a nationally recognized honor society in theatre it maintains chapters in nearly every program in the US. Because of this, people (potential employers) know what it is and what makes for a good APO member. Additionally, APO members are qualified to apply for scholarship funds through the organization. Each year, the national chapter will select two members from its rank for funds to support their continuing education. Finally, APO members here at Bellarmine will have a number of opportunities opened to them including the ability to produce work as part of the theatre season (using program spaces, funds, and human resources). Students who take advantage of this opportunity will benefit from the experience of producing/directing/designing their own production under the guidance of faculty mentors who can attend production meetings, several rehearsals during the process, and in general be a resource for you to use when navigating the complicated production process.

Membership criteria can be found here. We invite all qualified applicants to apply by contacting the APO faculty sponsor, Dr. Zackary Ross.

Alpha Psi Omega Qualifications

To be considered for membership in the Bellarmine University chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, students must meet the criteria as outlined below

  • Earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
  • Have been active within the theatre department for at least two semesters.
  • Have taken at least two classes in the theatre department.
  • Make an active contribution to the department, its productions, academic, and extracurricular events. Students must earn a minimum of 70 points, drawn from multiple areas as defined in the point system below.
Lead Role 15 Points
Medium Role 10 Points
Minor Role 5 Points

Production Leadership
 Direction 15-25 Points
Stage Management 15 Points
Assistant Stage Management 10 Points
Playwriting 15 Points
Dramaturgy 15 Points
Producer 10-15 Points

Design and Construction
Design for a show 15 Points
Build for a show 10 Points
Running Crew 5 Points
Attend work call (not as part of crew above) 5 Points

Arts Administration
Front of house 5 Points
Box office 5 Points
Marketing/ public relations 10 Points

Theatre Education
Attend theatre workshops 5 Points
Present theatre workshops 10 Points
Attend and present at an academic conference 10-15 Points

Theatre Student Group
Active Member 5 Points
Leadership Role 10 Points

Other Contributions considered case by case

5-15 Points