Veritas Board of Directors

Veritas Board of Directors 2022-2023

President: Dennis Wiseman 
Vice President/Membership: Rebecca Beyerle
Secretary: Bud Spalding
Curriculum Chair: Judith Skretny 
Lunch & Learn: Bud Spalding and Jonathan Smith
Production: Ron Gordon
Special Events: Sandra Cherry
Membership: Jerry Hubbs
Promotion: Marti Rosenblum
Finance and BU Liaison: Abigail Walsh
Field Trips: Ann Nunn
Newsletter: Jonathan Smith
Volunteers: Keith Clements
Director-At-Large: Maureen Fitzgerald
Director-At-Large:  Connie Fondong
Director-At-Large:  Ann McWilliams
Director-At-Large:  Panzi Panzera
Director-At-Large:  Marilyn Schorin
Director-At-Large:  Herb Shulhafer
Director-At-Large:  Deloris White