Conference Speaker Biography

Valencia D. Clay

Valencia D. Clay, Dialogue on Diversity speaker 2018Educator, Valencia D. Clay, was an active child but dismally motivated to learn in school. On many days, she found herself suspended for fighting. Her life changed when she left New York. Attending Morgan State gave her a fresh start. After graduating, she began teaching at the Baltimore Freedom Academy. There, she found a high need for special educators, so she enrolled in Johns Hopkins University for a Master of Science in Special Education. 

In the midst of earning her degrees and teaching her courses, she co-founded a non-profit organization, The Flourishing Blossoms Society for Girls. The Blossom Girls have traveled to Puerto Rico to volunteer in under-serviced communities and are heading to the Dominican Republic to complete an arts and mindfulness service initiative this summer. 

Valencia is currently completing her 10th year as an 8th grade English teacher and Critical Theory professor in Baltimore, Maryland. With literacy as the foundation, she continues to prompt her students to analyze culturally relevant matters from a critical stance. Her book, Soundless Cries Don’t Lead to Healing, is available for purchase