Access code: Bellarmine20F

At the Bellarmine Phonathon, students call alumni and parents to raise money for the university’s greatest needs while balancing full course schedules. If you are an alum, parent or friend of Bellarmine, we look forward to speaking with you. If you are a student, we hope you will consider joining our team.

What is Phonathon?

The Phonathon is a critical component of Bellarmine's success. Phonathon is an annual program under the direction of the Development and Alumni Relations Office. We hire approximately 50 students and train them to call alumni, parents and friends of the university in order to update address and employment data, build relationships and raise money for Bellarmine. Alumni and friends have been supporting Bellarmine since the first class took place on campus. Without such support, Bellarmine would not be able to offer new technology, student support and the many other features that make it a great university.

Why do students work for Phonathon?

They care about Bellarmine and realize how important the Phonathon program is to maintaining the strength of the university. The funds raised during Phonathon is spent on scholarships, faculty/staff grants and special campus projects, in addition to basic operations. Working at the Phonathon gives students the opportunity to enhance vital interpersonal communication skills while also allowing students to make a difference and earn spending money. Talking with alumni, they can chat about their favorite professors, or maybe even network their way into an internship or job after graduation.

About the Job

This is a great job for students because you can work remotely; you do NOT have to come to BU’s campus to work the Phonathon. It is a great way to earn money, provides great experience and you can work this job in addition to a Federal Work Study position. All training will be provided.

Join our team by applying below TODAY!

Phonathon Dates and Deadlines

Apply for fall 2020 Phonathon by November 6, 2020 at by using the Access Code: Bellarmine20F.

The pay for Bellarmine Phonathon Callers is $8.25/hour and the shifts are on evenings and weekends. Please note: student callers will be working remotely, so you will not have to come to campus for this job. The fall 2020 Phonathon will run from November 7 – November 19.

For questions, please email Margaret at: