Guidelines & Policies


First and foremost, Bellarmine University is an institution of higher education. Therefore, all Bellarmine classes or events take precedence and the Department of Special Events reserves the right to decline an event proposal if the event conflicts with the mission or other activities of the University.

Parking is extremely limited on Bellarmine’s campus. The Department of Special Events reserves the right to decline an event proposal if parking is not available, even if the facility is available.

While Bellarmine is happy to host wedding receptions, we are unable to accommodate wedding ceremonies on campus.


All persons/groups/organizations wishing to use/rent campus facilities are required to sign a contract, provide proof of insurance, and name Bellarmine University as an additional insured at a minimum of $1,000,000.00.

Proper licenses and credentials are required for any sort of raffle, gaming, or gambling.

Food Service

If food services are needed for the event, the client is required to use Sodexo Food Service.

No carbonated beverages can be sold on campus without Bellarmine’ s prior approval due to contracts with beverage companies.

Bellarmine will open facilities and provide necessary assistance in setting up routine Bellarmine furnishings. If special setups are required, there may be an additional cost.

Alcohol cannot be purchased from or provided by Bellarmine or Sodexo. Alcohol may be brought in and a Sodexo bartender may be contracted. Bellarmine reserves the right to review and approve plans to provide alcohol at events.

Contact the Catering Manager at for questions regarding food service.