Student Financial Aid Process

The Financial Aid Program at Bellarmine University has a dual purpose: to recognize superior academic achievement and to provide assistance to qualified students, who without such aid, would be unable to attend college. All aid given through Bellarmine is intended to supplement the resources of the student and his or her parents. To determine financial need with a degree of uniformity, Bellarmine requires that students submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), designating Bellarmine as one of the information recipients. To receive financial assistance the student must be accepted into an eligible program of study offered by the university. The appropriate forms may be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.

Scholarships for new freshmen are awarded on the basis of the admission application. Students are reviewed based on all facets of the application, and awarded appropriate scholarships and/or Bellarmine grants. Awards are then communicated to students in the form of a scholarship folder that is coordinated between the Office of Admission and the Office of Financial Aid.

Scholarships for new transfers are awarded on the basis of the student’s transfer GPA. The Office of Admission uses a matrix based on GPA to make these awards, and that information is provided to the Office of Financial Aid.

Need-based aid is awarded based on the student’s FAFSA data and the results from the Department of Education. Each year awarding parameters are created to distribute funds appropriately and according to federal regulations. Students are packaged with all aid available to them, and sent to the website to accept or decline all financial aid offered to them.

The renewal of student aid is reviewed by the Associate Director of Financial Aid to ensure students are meeting GPA requirements and Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. The requirements are detailed in the course catalog and on-line.