Endowed Scholarships

Generous friends and alumni of the university provide financial assistance to Bellarmine students in the form of endowed scholarships. Endowed scholarships often provide financial aid to students studying in a major - say art, accounting or nursing – that the benefactor feels passionate about. Other endowed scholarships may seek to help minority students, support specific research or help students to study abroad.

Often, benefactors of endowed scholarships become involved in the lives of the students they support and serve as mentors and friends. Thus an endowed scholarship can be much more than financial assistance.

You will be automatically considered for an endowed scholarship when you apply to Bellarmine, so there is no extra action required. To learn more about endowed scholarships, please visit our Development page on endowed scholarships. The best way to learn about your scholarship possibilities, and to get our comprehensive financial aid award, is to Apply Now.