Summer Aid

How and when financial aid is disbursed for summer.

All financial aid disbursements made to students by Bellarmine University will occur only after the anticipated enrollment information provided on your summer form has been verified with the Registrar’s Office. If the enrollment status has changed, the disbursement of financial aid will be delayed, and you should contact the Office of Financial Aid immediately. For example, if your award is based on nine hours of undergraduate enrollment in sessions two and three, and you enroll only in six hours in session two, your aid will not be disbursed immediately and you should notify our office of the change. You must be enrolled at least part-time in order to receive a Direct loan. Part-time is considered 3 hours for graduates and 6 hours for undergraduates.

Satisfactory Academic Progress must also be verified for each award period before aid is disbursed.

Summer-based financial aid is typically disbursed to the student in one installment. The period of enrollment will determine when the disbursement is made to the student account. Loans are not disbursed to student accounts until all charges for all classes have been put on the account. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for specific date information.

Most financial aid awards credit to students’ accounts. These awards include but are not limited to funds from the following sources: Pell, SEOG, TEACH grant, Bellarmine scholarships, Direct loans, and PLUS loans. Financial aid will credit to your account if you have accepted the aid and an accurate record of your enrollment status is in the system. You must sign a promissory note for Direct, PLUS and institutional loans. If you have been offered an institutional loan, you will be contacted before the beginning of the session concerning dates and procedures for signing these loans.

Some financial aid awards do not credit to student accounts. Federal work-study awards are issued to the student unless otherwise requested. You are responsible for paying the balance due by the due date after financial aid has been disbursed. Any financial aid resulting in a credit balance will be mailed to you by the Student Accounts Office within 14 days. You will receive information regarding the due date of your bill with your statement of account each semester.