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Academic Convocation and Matriculation Ceremony

The beginning of your academic journey at Bellarmine University begins with the Academic Convocation and Matriculation ceremony. The Academic Convocation brings the Bellarmine family together to officially welcome and recognize all new students as members of the Bellarmine community. In addition to the Convocation ceremony, new students are invited to sign the Matriculation Book, signifying their commitment to Bellarmine. We invite you and your family to join us for this Bellarmine University tradition.

About Academic Convocation and Matriculation Ceremony

The Academic Convocation and Matriculation Ceremony marks the official beginning of your academic career at Bellarmine University. By signing the Matriculation Book, you are committing your best to your education at Bellarmine. Students sign the Matriculation Book in the President’s Office. During the Convocation ceremony, students recite the Matriculation Oath pledging to support the values of our University community.

Matriculation Oath

I hereby promise:
To be a loyal and contributing member of the Bellarmine University community;
To abide by the Code of Conduct to assure a responsible environment for learning and living;
To strive for excellence in all that I do;
To respect and nurture my God-given personal dignity and the dignity of others;
To do my best to realize the full potential of my unique personal gifts and abilities, and…
To lead, serve, and make the world a better place.

Who Attends?

All new (first-years and transfer) students attend, along with their parents and families are invited to Convocation along with faculty and staff members of the University.

Is Attendance Required?

All new students (first-years and transfers) are expected to attend Convocation.

If you have further questions, please call 502.272.8304


We will have reserved special seating for every convocation ceremony, but for any other accommodation questions, please contact the Director of Disability Services at 502.272.8490 before August 15.