Frequently Asked Questions

Coming to college and attending Week of Welcome can raise several questions for students and parents alike. We created this page to a few of the common questions we know arise at this exciting time. If this page does not address all of your questions or concerns, please contact Jessica Lynch, Director of Orientation, New Student & Family Programs.

What is Week of Welcome?

Week of Welcome is a five day series of events designed to help every Bellarmine student gain valuable information regarding campus resources, connect with fellow first-year and upper class students, and prepare for their first year at college. Students will participate in various activities including an off campus, overnight experience. Students should prepare for lots of fun, food, giveaways, and tools for success.

When is Week of Welcome?

Week of Welcome starts with central check-in on Saturday, August 17 and continues through Wednesday, August 21.

Is attendance at Week of Welcome mandatory?

Yes. Week of Welcome gives students the opportunity to meet classmates, faculty and staff, and learn about the resources available to navigate the college experience. We believe attending Week of Welcome is essential to first-year success and therefore, all students are required to attend.

What if I am required to work during Week of Welcome?

We provide you with the dates for Week of Welcome well in advance, therefore, we expect that you will request off for the 5 days of Week of Welcome.

Are meals provided during Week of Welcome?

Yes. You will be provided with more food than you can possibly imagine during the WOW session!

Are parents invited to attend WOW?

Parents are invited to attend WOW activities on August 17 and 18 which includes move in, a picnic, a parent welcome, and convocation. After August 18, parents are dismissed and students finish WOW on their own.

Where can I park during WOW?

Students are welcome to park behind our recreation (SuRF) center. Please visit our Campus Directions page to view a map of campus and locate the SuRF Center.

Where do I sign up for WOW?

All students are required to attend, therefore, when you become a Bellarmine student, you are already registered for WOW. Additionally, you can pick up all of your WOW materials at centralized check-in where you will also be retrieving your residence hall keys, student ID, etc. Please refer to the Centralized Check-In page for more information.

May I drive myself to the off campus events?

We provide all transportation to and from WOW events for our students, so no student is given permission to travel there independently.

Who should my family contact in case of emergency, while I am attending WOW?

If there is an emergency, parents should contact Campus Security at 502.272.7777. The Security Staff will be able to get in touch with staff and students at Loucon, Country Lake and on campus.

May I leave during my WOW session?

No, students are required to stay for the duration of their WOW session.

What Bellarmine staff will be supervising the WOW activities?

A variety of faculty, staff, and administrators will be in and out to say hello, and talk to students. The Director of Orientation, New Student & Family Programs and Director of Student Activities will be supervising all off campus activities throughout the sessions.

What is IgKnight?

IgKnight is our off-campus, overnight leadership experience for all first-year students that occurs during WOW. We will provide all transportation and meals while you are off campus Sunday, August 18 through Monday, August 19. Students will be asked to bring the following items: twin sheets & blanket or sleeping bag, pillow, bath towel, pajamas, comfortable clothes for both days, toiletries and personal hygiene items (shampoo, soap/body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.), water bottle, closed toe shoes and flip flops or shower shoes. All sessions, meals times, and sleeping quarters are in air-conditioned facilities. Sleeping quarters are separated by gender with a WOW Team member assigned to each. Students will be able to participate in a variety of outside activities including zip lining, canoeing, playing basketball, volleyball, Wacky Olympics, and more!

Will we be spending the night off campus?

Yes. Portions of WOW (IgKnight) occur off campus, and we provide all transportation and meals. We will be off campus Sunday, August 18 through Monday, August 19.

Will we be outside for the duration of WOW?

The majority of each day will occur in an air-conditioned facility. There will be outdoor games and the possibility of working with a community service partner at an outdoor location, but students will be notified in advance of these activities.