a student poses with a koala and its zookeeperBellarmine DPT students have been studying Physiotherapy in Australia for nearly 10 years. Students travel to Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Curtin University is located on the western coast of Australia overlooking the Indian Ocean. Students traveling to Curtin University will experience one of the most diverse universities in the world. Students typically spend two weeks in Perth. During those two weeks students are intergraded into the classroom and learn side by side with Australian Physiotherapy students. In addition, students are allowed the opportunity to observe and experience Australian Physiotherapists practicing in the field. Weekends are free for students to explore Perth, Fremantle, and the Margaret River wine region. Typical costs for the two-week study abroad experience are $3,500 (airfare, lodging, food). Students typically perform various fund raising activities to help cover the costs of this trip