Pre-Physical Therapy

Undergraduate students interested in a career in physical therapy are encouraged to pick an undergraduate major based on interests and talents and not by what seems to be a “popular” undergraduate choice. There is no one-preferred undergraduate major. Please be assured that any undergraduate major can be adapted to allow for major courses, general education courses and physical therapy prerequisite courses to be taken in a four-year time span.

Pre-Physical Therapy Association

The purpose of the Pre-Physical Therapy Association is two-fold. Purpose one is to serve Pre-Physical Therapy student/majors on campus by promoting the interests and current events regarding recent developments in the professional field. Secondly, the association hopes to promote the profession of Physical Therapy to Bellarmine University and the surrounding community, especially by aiding in the provision of health-related services on campus and in the community at large. Please contact Dr. Dawn Hall-Bibb for more information at