Exercise Science Scholarship

Publications 2016

  • Awick, E.A., Ehlers, D., Fanning, J., Phillips, S.M., Wójcicki, T. R., Mackenzie, M.J., Motl, R., & McAuley, E. (in press). Effects of a home-based DVD-delivered physical activity program on self-esteem in older adults: Results from a randomized controlled tria‚Äčl. Psychosomatic Medicine.
  • Fanning, J., Porter, G. C., Awick, E. A., Wójcicki, T. R., Gothe, N. P., Roberts, S. A., Ehlers, D. K., Motl, R. W., & McAuley, E. (in press). Effects of a DVD-delivered exercise program on patterns of sedentary behavior in older adults: A randomized controlled trial. Preventative Medicine Reports.

Publications 2015

  • Awick, E. A., Wójcicki, T. R., Olson, E. A., Fanning, J., Chung, H. D., Zuniga, K., Mackenzie, M., Kramer, A. F., & McAuley, E. (2015). Differential exercise effects on quality of life and health-related quality of life in older adults: a randomized controlled trial. Quality of Life Research, 24(2), 455-462. PMID: 25074734
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Publications 2014

  • Brown, K., Loprinzi, P., Brosky, J. A., & Topp, R. (2014). Brown, K., Loprinzi, P., Brosky, J. A., Topp, R. (2014). Prehabilitation influences exercise related psychological constructs such as self-efficacy and outcome expectations to exercise. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 28(1), 201-209. PMID: 23588484
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