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Bacher-Schaefer Endowed Scholarship

Linda and Bernie Bacher have warm feelings for Bellarmine University. It’s where their only child, Brittany, earned her BA and her MBA, and where she met her future husband, Christopher Shaefer.

“Education is so important to Bernie and me, and we always encouraged Brittany to get a good education,” Linda says. “We feel that doors were opened to her because of Bellarmine.”

The Bachers were so impressed by Brittany and Chris’ Bellarmine experience that they have established an endowed scholarship in their estate plans and named it in honor of their daughter and son-in-law. Their goal is to open doors for excellent students who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend Bellarmine.

“The big thing is that, in our society, if you don’t have anything, there are tons of scholarships you can get.  If your parents are well-to-do, you don’t have to worry about scholarships; your parents will help you,” Linda says. “But I’ve seen wonderful students who couldn’t get any help because they fell into the middle-income slot. We thought we’d establish a scholarship to help the students who really need the help.”

The scholarship established by the Bachers, who live in Elizabethtown, gives preference to students from Hardin, LaRue and Hart counties. “Students in the smaller counties don’t always know what to do, where to go for scholarships. They might think Bellarmine is out of their price range,” Linda says. “We wanted to give those students an opportunity to achieve what our daughter and son-in-law achieved.”

Linda hopes that Brittany and Chris will also eventually decide to contribute to the scholarship fund – and maybe to Bellarmine’s future enrollment.

“Someday, hopefully, we’ll have grandchildren at Bellarmine.”