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How to Apply: Bilateral Exchange Students

Bilateral Exchange International Students should complete the online application below for Bellarmine University no later than April 15 for fall and full year applications, after having been nominated by the home institution to Bellarmine prior to this date.

When completing the online application, follow our Step by Step Exchange Application Directions (pdf).

Bilateral Exchange Students should start by completing the online application above. Once they have completed the application above, they will then need to upload the following documents. The applicant will be able to log in and out of the application system as they need to do so and documents do not all have to be uploaded at the same time.

Documentation Needed to Complete Application

  1. Statement of Purpose (in English) outlining academic and professional goals
  2. One (1) letter of recommendation from former professors and/or an employer, attesting to the candidate's educational potential.
  3. Official Transcript from your current institution.
  4. If English is your second language, a TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge score, or equivalent is required. A minimum total score of 80 on the Internet-based TOEFL (reading, listening, writing and speaking), 6 on the IELTS and the equivalent on the Cambridge is required. Bellarmine's TOEFL code number is 1056. Language test scores may be waived under certain circumstances, such as coming from a foreign language county but from an English speaking institution.
  5. A copy of the passport biographical page.
  6. Financial Affidavit and Bank Letter or Bank Statement (pdf) needs to be completed if the exchange is funded by a sponsor (parent, friend, family, government, institution, or school). See directions on form regarding details for the Bank Letter or Bank Statement requirements when being sponsored.
  7. Bank Letter or Bank Statement if exchange is funded by the student.
  • A bank document must be supplied showing sufficient funds for the student’s period of exchange with Bellarmine University.
  • A bank statement must: be original, and be only in the name of the student, be dated no more than 3 months prior to the date of application, and be written in English.
  • Bank Letter must be on bank letterhead, state that the funds are solely the student’s, confirm liquid assets are available, be written in English, and signed by a bank officer.