International Admissions

If you are like most international students, you will be seeking a degree with an F-1 visa. Students applying to Bellarmine for only a semester or two of study and not applying for a degree program will apply for a J-1 visa. 

However, in order to apply for a visa or maintain a current visa, you will need to successfully apply to Bellarmine. As a potential undergraduate student you will work with Undergraduate Admissions to choose your focus of study. Those who have a bachelor or equivalent degree will be interested in contacting Graduate Admissions. Both of these links let you search the programs offered at Bellarmine and the specific requirements for acceptance into each. Admissions staff will be in contact with you after you have begun your application and help you through the full process. 

Once you have been accepted, you will need to supply us with additional information required by law.  A summary of the requirements are here. Once International Support has reviewed and approved all of your materials, we will issue you the documentation you need to apply for or maintain your visa. You need your passport, visa, and the documentation from International Support in order to travel to the U.S.