Student Teach Abroad for Education Majors

School of Education majors have the opportunity to spend six to seven weeks abroad during their Student Teaching Semester. This student teaching experience will complement their student teaching in Kentucky. Currently, Bellarmine has arrangements with Linköping University in Sweden and also Zürich University of Teacher Education, Switzerland where students can complete this exchange.

To learn more, contact the School of Education Faculty Liaison.

To Apply:

In order to be approved to participate in the Student Teach Abroad Program, you will need to complete the following items for Bellarmine and submit them to the OSAIL (CNMH 280). Deadline to apply: November 30. 

Please feel free to set up an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your scholarship options. Most scholarship deadlines are between December and March.

After Acceptance

After acceptance into the Student Teach Abroad program and prior to departure: 
  1. You must attend a MANDATORY Pre-Departure Orientation for all Bellarmine Student Teach Abroad participants. This orientation will be held on the Bellarmine campus in late March – early April. The OSAIL will contact you with the location, date, and time. 
  2. You must complete and submit to the OSAIL (CNMH 280) the Pre-Departure Orientation Attendance Form. This form must be signed by the student and parent/guardian. 
  3. You must submit to the OSAIL a copy of your flight itinerary. 
  4. You must submit to the OSAIL the paperwork for the health, medical evacuation, and repatriation insurance (info on this insurance will be given to you at the Pre-Departure Orientation). 
  5. You must complete all required forms for Linköping or Zürich that will be sent to you from their International Office.
  6. You must submit a copy of the Linköping or Zürich online application to the OSAIL.
  7. Pick up your Bellarmine Emergency ID card at the Pre-Departure Orientation and verify that all of the information we have in your file is up to date.