Student Services

Technology is an essential component of teaching and scholarship and is one of the most critical tools in higher education today. Through an integration of technology, research, and teaching, Bellarmine is able to provide a learning environment that encourages open communication, collaboration, ethical standards, community improvements, and life-long learning skills. Technology at Bellarmine is used to augment the classroom experience, broaden the research environment, enhance communications and provide connectivity to needed systems. Our goal is to help students develop into practitioners of the subjects they study by making resources available which will enhance their abilities to think critically and make effective decisions. The emphasis of student computing at Bellarmine is to ensure that students have access to the most appropriate and reliable technology throughout campus.

Public computers are available throughout campus and most buildings have computer labs or computer equipment available for students to use. There is a wireless network that allows access across the entire campus. The W.L. Lyons Brown Library is outfitted with numerous public computers and is stocked with laptops that students may check out for use in the W.L. Lyons Brown Library.

Bellarmine also recognizes that many students will come to campus equipped with computers, and students who engage in learning from home or the workplace will increasingly have the capability to access university resources from off-campus. Therefore, Technology Services provides:

• An on-campus infrastructure for connecting student-owned computers to campus networks;

• Remote-access capability for connecting to many campus resources from off-campus; and

• Support services needed by students using personally-owned computers.

Each student is given an email account and storage space on the network; additionally they receive instruction on how to use email and other software used in their curriculum. Students living in residence halls at Bellarmine University have access to the network through network outlets in their room or through a wireless network. Additionally, there are computer labs located in residence halls for students to use. Computer Literacy - Helping students develop and/or maintain computer literacy is important to Bellarmine; therefore, the University provides many resources as part of its effort to ensure all Bellarmine students are computer literate. Computer literacy is developed in a variety of ways. For instance, students will be required to create papers electronically, conduct online searches for reference material, utilize databases to find information for papers and use spreadsheet software for creating formal lab reports. Bellarmine provides many Technology Services to its students and the team at the Technology Support Center is available to assist students with computer questions and technical problems.