Artist in Residence Artwork

Year Artist Work Location
2003-2004* Abigail Gramig Poetry Chapbook Library - Special Collections
2004-2005* Jessica Hume Poetry Chapbook Library - Special Collections
2005-2006* Beth BecVar  Painting Miles Hall
2006-2007 Emily Ruppel Poetry Chapbook Library - Special Collections
2007-2008 Jordan Kelch Theatre Play Library - Special Collections
2008-2009 Angela Ress Photography Prints Miles Hall
2009-2010 Brandon Kenney Poetry Chapbook Library - Special Collections
2010-2011 Nick Flood  Photography Prints (2) Miles Hall
2011-2012 Nathan Hendrickson Paintings (3) Miles Hall
2011-2012 Rachel Banks Photography Print Miles Hall
2012-2013 Laurel Anderson Photography Prints (3) Flynn Building
2012-2013 Jennifer Greb Photography Allen Hall
2013-2014 Kayla Bischoff Paintings (3) Pasteur Hall
2013-2014 Clare Gandenberger Video Click to view
2014-2015 Olivia Blake Photography (3) Flynn Building
2016-2017 Shae Goodlett Pen & Ink Drawings Norton Health Science Center
2016-2017 Alyssa Jensen 3-D Interactive Work Allen Hall
2017-2018 Claire Hagan Creative Writing TBD
2017-2018 Brianna Jacobi Mixed Media TBD
2017-2018 Elizabeth "Clare" Taylor Painting TBD

* These artists were unfunded but given office space for writing and academic credit. The BecVar Endowment began in 2006

Photography of the artwork is courtesy of Christine Ekstrom and Gayle Ramirez of the Lansing School.