What is the Donna and Allan Lansing Nursing and Clinical Sciences BecVar Artist in Residence Program?
Since 2003, Bellarmine College students in the arts have partnered with the Lansing School of Nursing and Clinical Sciences to create connections and a better understanding of how the arts and the study of healthcare relate. Created by Dr. Sue Davis, with guidance from Dr. Carole Pfeffer and Professor Fred Smock, the program has provided insight into the complex world of healthcare through artistic expression. 

The program was endowed in 2006 by Mrs. Arthur N. (Jayne) BecVar in memory of her husband. The diverse creative talents of the BecVar family exemplify the connections this program seeks to nurture between the arts and the health sciences. The program provides a stipend of approximately $2,600 for the two semesters ($1,300/semester). 

How does the selection process work? What is the timeline for selecting the Artist in Residence?
A Request for Proposals (RFP) will be sent to students and faculty by the fall of each year. Only junior and senior students with a major or minor in the arts (all fine and creative art mediums) are eligible. A committee that includes the Lansing School Artist in Residence Liaison and faculty from the Bellarmine College Arts/Humanities Division and the School of Communication will meet to select the recipient. 

A link to the timeline for the Artist in Residence (AIR) selection process is available here

The proposal requires the name of a faculty mentor. What is the role of the faculty mentor? How do I select a faculty mentor?
A faculty sponsor/mentor is someone with whom you already have a good working relationship or see the potential for such a relationship. The faculty mentor will support you through the artistic process. It is highly recommended that the mentor be involved in the process from proposal to the installation/presentation of the work. 

What are the benefits to becoming an Artist in Residence?
The AIR program allows students to experience art from conception to installation/publication/presentation. Former artists in residence say it opened doors to various career opportunities, allowed them to experiment, increased their confidence and provided insight into the health care professions. They also thought that having their work displayed/presented at Bellarmine and archived in the Library was great! Additionally, having work archived in the library or displayed on campus allows creative students to add meaning and insight to their Bellarmine legacy.

The Artist in Residence receives a stipend but what about funding for installation, printing or production costs (depending on the medium)?
In addition to the stipend, there is approximately $500 per year available for such costs. 

Where will my work be displayed, performed or stored when it is completed?
The Artist in Residence and the Lansing Artist in Residence Liaison will meet to explore display/presentation opportunities for the work. All permanent installations need approval from the Bellarmine University President which the Lansing Artist in Residence Liaison facilitates. Performances such as a play, concert or reading would be scheduled according to university policy. 

The artist’s work is formally installed/presented at the Celebration of Student Research and Creativity each spring semester. AIRs should make sure to be available on this date.

Written and print work is archived in the Bellarmine University Library's Special Collections.


Are there examples of works created by previous Artists in Residence?
Yes! Feel free to browse the slideshow on the link on the AIR website.

Better yet, go see the works in person. They are installed across campus in the buildings where health professions’ courses are taught (Miles Hall, Allen Hall, Norton Health Sciences Center). The location for each artist’s work is listed on the slideshow on the AIR website. An artist’s statement accompanies each work. 

Written or print works are in the Bellarmine University Library Special Collections. The works may be accessed through the library catalog or viewed by request in the library.


If I want to learn more about the Artist in Residence program what should I do?

Check out the AIR website

Attend an info session. Look for announcements about these in Bellarmine Today, in the weekly newsletters to students, and in Bellarmine Today. 

Set up an appointment to speak with faculty who have mentored artists in residence: Caren Cunningham (Art), Laura Hartford (Art), or Fred Smock (English)

Contact Dr.  Jessica Hume or Dr. Amy Tudor, Lansing Artist in Residence Liaisons at  jhume@bellarmine.edu or atudor@bellarmine.edu for more information.