Lansing School of Nursing and Clinical Sciences Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The Lansing School of Nursing and Clinical Sciences, consistent with an inclusive Catholic university, educates current and future health care practitioners for meaningful lives, rewarding careers, ethical leadership, and service to improve the human condition.

Value Statements

  1. Academic Excellence – Promoting academic inquiry rooted in the Lansing School traditions of inter-professionalism, inclusivity, diversity, hospitality, and centered around the patient, family, self, and community.
  2. Social Responsibility – Cultivating grounded citizens who contribute to, and advocate for, the public good, patient safety, global health, and informed civic engagement.
  3. Intrinsic Dignity – Respecting the intrinsic value and dignity of every individual.
  4. Integrity – Fostering personal and professional integrity that guides the practice of health care.
  5. Stewardship – Exercising responsible use of health care resources.
  6. Caring – An essential component of the art and science of all health care practitioners.