Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BSN Program Purpose

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is to provide basic professional education. Graduates are prepared to function independently or in collaboration with other health care providers to serve individuals and families in hospitals and community settings. The program is designed to encourage students’ active participation in achieving program outcomes. Upon completion of the program, the graduates will have recognition of and desire for continuing professional development and a sound foundation for pursuing graduate education in nursing.

BSN Program Objectives

Graduates of the BSN program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the application of critical thinking skills.
  2. Communicate effectively through oral, written, and technological means.
  3. Use therapeutic nursing interventions in accordance with the ANA standards of care.
  4. Function as a professional in accordance with the ANA standards of professional performance.
  5. Develop caring relationships that facilitate health and healing.
  6. Demonstrate leadership and political awareness to foster advocacy, health promotion, and health care delivery.
  7. Provide service to the profession and community.
  8. Possess the foundation for graduate education and the pursuit of lifelong learning.

KBN Regulation Regarding Denial of RN Licensure

Beginning January 1, 1998, an applicant shall not be eligible for the NCLE X examination or licensure if the applicant has been convicted (1) of an applicable felony (as listed in the regulation) within five years of the date of filing an application or (2) of a misdemeanor (as listed in the regulation) within two years of filing an application. See BSN Handbook for regulations.