Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Trainer (VERT)

Student learning how to use VERT controls

How VERT benefits student

VERT is like a flight simulator for cancer treatment machines. VERT will increase your confidence and your competence before your first clinical placement. You will learn the psychomotor skills you need for the hand pendant controls and the terminology you need to operate the linear accelerator in the patient treatment room. Student excels quicker when using VERT and consequently progress faster in the clinical setting. You will be able to see inside the patient with VERT, view anatomy and understand treatment philosophy for particular patients and specific cancer treatments in a safe classroom and laboratory environment.

How VERT helps students learn

  • VERT bridges the gap between academic theory and clinical practice. This means you will see a technique explained using presentation and lectures and then see the technique illustrated on the virtual Linac.
  • Put what you have learned into practice without waiting for your next clinical placement
  • The visualization of anatomy, with the patient in treatment position and the ability to see the beams impact on internal structures, helps you to understand treatment techniques and their role in eradicating pathology.
  • VERT Physics will demonstrate linear accelerator Quality Assurance and beam dosimetry.  
  • Scenario based learning sessions with assist you in developing the critical thinking skills you need to be a radiation therapist.

How VERT helps teachers

  • Your lecturers have a treatment machine in the classroom
  • It’s much easier for them to demonstrate the principles, concepts and techniques you need for clinical practice.
  • They can demonstrate complex concepts visually, easily and intuitively.
  • Demonstrating with 3D VERT is more efficient than describing concepts on a 2D whiteboard.
  • By far the greatest advantage is seeing the beam traverse inside the patient.