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Media and popular culture permeate nearly all our waking time on Earth.

The unrelenting exposure dominates our perceptions of reality, the formation of our personal values, our attitudes and behaviors, and our definitions of self and society.

Already the most powerful educating agent in society today, mass media is extending its influence at a speed that might blind us.

It will be important for professional practitioners and consumers alike not only to “know their stuff” in this new world, but also to be “good people,” ethically aware of their personal responsibilities for each other and the world.

At the heart of Bellarmine’s campus life is a commitment to ethics. A Bellarmine education not only gives students a top-rated education in the liberal arts and in their chosen fields – but it also instills in students a deep sense of ethical awareness in everything they do.

This is why Bellarmine University has developed the Institute for Media, Culture and Ethics. The Institute has a simple mission: to enhance the Bellarmine student experience and to reach out to the Greater Lousville Community.

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