Alumni Mentoring

The Bellarmine Alumni Mentoring Program is one of the largest in-person college mentoring programs in the nation! Each year, over 200 Bellarmine students are paired with alumni mentors. The Mentoring Program is designed to give students a career mentor and dedicated advocate as they enter their career field. Students are matched with alumni in the student’s intended profession; if a student wants to become a nurse, they are matched with an alumni mentor who is a nurse.

The program is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors and all majors. Students in the program also have exclusive access to the Alumni Knight Network, an online community of alumni who want to connect and network with students and other alumni. Apply, volunteer or join the Alumni Knight Network today,

Alumni Mentoring Program by the Numbers

  • 95% of students learned new skills and useful knowledge to assist them in their career planning
  • 95% of students felt better prepared for employment or graduate school
  • 100% of alumni mentors felt the Alumni-Student Mentoring program was beneficial for students
  • 99% of students would recommend the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program to Bellarmine students
  • 99% of students felt the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program was beneficial for Bellarmine students
  • 97% of alumni mentors planned to volunteer again next year


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