Remington discusses investigation of Alberta Jones' 1965 murder on local TV series

May 8, 2018

"I do believe that she was killed because of the work that she was involved in," said Dr. Lee Remington.

Alberta Jones
Since her time as a law student, Remington - now director of Bellarmine University's pre-law program - has been interested in the unsolved 1965 murder of Alberta Jones, a civil rights leader who was the first African-American woman to pass the Kentucky Bar Exam.

Remington was interviewed in the first part of a WHAS-11 series about the case. She's working on a book about Jones while seeking to ensure she's remembered as a trailblazer.

Remington collaborated with Jones' family to obtain and review the original police investigative file, which showed a fingerprint in Jones' car matched someone who was deemed deceptive during a polygraph investigation.

Last year, Remington convinced the Louisville Metro Police Department to re-open the criminal investigation.


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