PODCAST: Senior Marygrace Powers - "Why Bellarmine?"

January 11, 2019

This week’s episode of Bellarmine Magazine's podcast, The Pineapple, features a senior biology major and aspiring genetic counselor, Marygrace Powers. She shares great advice for students searching for their dream college, and she discusses the reason why she chose Bellarmine as her four-year home away from home.
Powers narrowed her college choices down to two schools: Bellarmine and a large state school in Ohio. Bellarmine’s small class sizes ultimately drove Powers' decision.
PineapplePodcastBeing an engaged college student was one of her requirements from the very beginning. Three years later and after being randomly paired, Powers can still say she and her suitemates are good friends.
Powers says college can be fun, but students need to recognize when it's time to switch out of a course. To her, it is better to focus on a class that suits your career interest rather than fight yourself the whole semester trying to not give up.
She says the best thing about Bellarmine is “the people. I’ve made some of the best friends here. Everybody is so motivated as students, but they’re also so social, engaged -- so involved. I’ve met some of the most involved people and there are so many things to do. All the time you can do something with the school campus or you can just go to Bardstown Road."
The Pineapple is a podcast produced by Bellarmine Magazine that provides listeners with exclusive content from the Bellarmine community.
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Article by Molly Jett, intern in Bellarmine's Office of Marketing and Communications.

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