PODCAST: Audrey, a senior exercise science major - "Why Bellarmine?"

January 18, 2019

This week’s episode of Bellarmine Magazine's podcast, The Pineapple, features a senior exercise science major, Audrey. She discusses the reason why she chose Bellarmine University and gives advice to prospective students who are still trying to choose a college. 
Audrey visited two universities: Bellarmine and a state university. The exercise science program and the early entry doctoral of physical therapy program sold her on Bellarmine. She said she was thrilled to find the perfect major with courses she was excited about. 
PineapplePodcastAccording to Audrey, she started college extremely involved, but quickly realized she had too much on their plate. To her, it is better to have more time and fewer obligations, to avoid becoming emotionally and physically drained.
“In our PT program, the professors are like 'Hey, if I see you and you don’t look like you’re doing 100 or that you’re not at your best, I’m going to say something to you and we are going to chat about it to make sure you’re doing okay,'" she said. "And, I’ve had that kind of similar stuff with undergraduate professors who check in with you and make sure you are doing okay."
The Pineapple is a podcast produced by Bellarmine Magazine that provides listeners with exclusive content from the Bellarmine community.
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Article by Molly Jett, intern in Bellarmine's Office of Marketing and Communications.

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