Bellarmine students reflect on their first voting experience

December 4, 2020


For many Bellarmine students, the 2020 election marked their first time casting their ballots, an experience that left some students with mixed feelings. 

Bilal F. Qazi, a sophomore from Chicago majoring in Communications and minoring in Anthropology, said he sees voting as a duty that every American is obligated to fulfill, regardless of who is on the ballot.

“There was a considerable amount of dread involved, which was obviously due to the heated emotions and tough issues in our country right now,” said Qazi. “I considered requesting a mail-in vote for a long time, but I decided that if I was able to go to classes in person, then there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn't be able to go in person to vote… I’m glad I voted, although it was hard to choose among the options we've been provided this year, I still think it was important to vote for someone, regardless of who it was.”

Erin McCabe, a freshman from Louisville majoring in Radiation Therapy and Art, found this election noteworthy for the tension surrounding it,

“I’ve done research myself to form my own understanding of the candidates and I feel like we are simply doomed,” she said. “Voting has always been cool to me and I thought that by now as a country we would all have it all figured out, and know the best way to vote due to the pandemic.”

Many students expressed initial anxiety towards the voting process but overall noted that it was crucial to participate and play a part in influencing the future of their country.

Griffin Rogers, a sophomore from Jeffersonville, says, “I was super scared that I'd end up invalidating my vote since all the news is talking about voting fraud and trouble with ballots not being delivered…I think the looming threat of climate change is very real and near, so for me, I'd say the future of the earth is riding on this election too.”

The constant discussion of ballot fraud also weighed on John Wells, a sophomore from Buckner majoring in Digital Art Technology.

“After voting I felt good about who I voted for although—as a first-time voter—I was nervous about it being counted. But that worry went away quickly. Some of the bigger influences for me were assuring our rights are kept and respected as well as doing my part in securing a safe and prosperous future for our great country.”

By Yasemin Gechgil, Marketing and Communication Intern


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