Bellarmine rises in Washington Monthly rankings

September 2, 2021


Bellarmine University’s overall ranking rose 28 points in Washington Monthly’s annual college rankings, published this week, while also rising to one of the top 200 institutions nationally for fostering social mobility.

Bellarmine rose from 248th to 220th out of 1,550 colleges and universities across the country.

Washington Monthly, an independent magazine covering current national topics, says its ranking system is meant to judge “the degree to which colleges and universities recruit and graduate students of modest means, produce the scholarship and scholars that drive economic growth and human flourishing, and encourage students to be active citizens and serve their country.” 

The university’s social mobility ranking rose from 204 to 180 this year. The publication determines social mobility by comparing reported graduation rates to predicted graduation rates based on the percentage of Pell recipients and students receiving student loans, the admit rate, the racial/ethnic and gender makeup of the student body, the number of students (overall and full-time), and whether a college is primarily residential.  

Bellarmine’s service ranking advanced from 304 to 281, a figure that reflects, among other indicators, the percentage of federal work-study grant money spent on community service projects.

"It's important that Bellarmine maintain a focus on equity and affordability, so that our renowned liberal arts and professional education programs are accessible to as many people as possible," said Dr. Susan M. Donovan, Bellarmine's president. "This is one of the chief priorities in our strategic plan, along with expanding our community collaborations and partnerships in ways that improve the human condition. It's rewarding to hear that our work in these areas is earning recognition nationally." 

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