Bellarmine welcomes 9 new full-time faculty members for 2022-23 academic year

August 24, 2022

Bellarmine library

As Bellarmine University welcomes 552 new students this week, nine new full-time faculty members are also settling in—including one who will be a student herself. 

Claire Wiggins, who has been a part-time clinical instructor in the Lansing School and is now a full-time Nursing instructor, said she has been so impressed by Bellarmine that she decided to continue her education here. “I loved the culture so much, I decided to start the Ph.D. in Health Professions Education program this fall.”
Three other new full-time faculty are Bellarmine graduates who want to contribute to the university’s tradition of excellence in education.
“Our faculty are at the very heart of the Bellarmine experience,” said Dr. Paul Gore, vice president for Academic Affairs and provost. “They make authentic, personal connections with students and challenge them to reach their highest potential. We are delighted to welcome these new faculty members into the Bellarmine community.”
Here are the new full-time faculty members, their areas of research interest and the reasons they chose Bellarmine.
Josef Jareczek, assistant professor of BiologyDr. Josef Jareczek, assistant professor of Biology
Research interests: I study plants. In the past, I have worked on cotton evolution and domestication. I hope to carry some of that research forward at Bellarmine as well as characterize the genomes of some understudied plant species. 
Why Bellarmine? I am a Bellarmine alum and am delighted to return to campus as a professor. I hope that I will be able to provide the same kind of experience to my students that the faculty here gave me when I attended.
Dr. Laura Ping, assistant professor of HistoryDr. Laura Ping, assistant professor of History
Research interests: 19th century cultural history, women's history, social reform 
Why Bellarmine? The opportunity to work at a teaching-focused institution. I am excited to join an institution that is so focused on community, and I look forward to working with students on exploring how American history is central to our understanding of the past and present.
Mr. Kyuha Cho, Accounting instructorMr. Kyuha Cho, Accounting instructor
Research interests: Management accounting, particularly related to sustainability. I would like to explore how various practices for sustainability improvement in a firm can lead to superior sustainability performance, contributing to environment, community and society. 
Why Bellarmine? The prestigious Catholic tradition, ideal relationship between faculties and students (the “Bellarmine difference”), beautiful campus and enthusiastic students
Dr. Nuket Serin, assistant professor of MarketingDr. Nuket Serin, assistant professor of Marketing
Research interests: I am a consumer behavior researcher. I have two main research streams. The first is consumer well-being and choice behavior. The second is branding, social media and digital communications. My research portfolio focuses on brand activism, sleep deprivation, minority populations in the U.S., and other vulnerable populations. My long-term goal is to investigate innovative ideas in the marketing area to enhance consumer well-being, foster social marketing effects to bring social change to our communities, and provide managers strategies to improve customer experience. 
Why Bellarmine? I love teaching and engaging with students, and I loved how Bellarmine University is a student-centered institution and cares about the community. I also wanted to be in an institution that is friendly, collegial and welcoming. I felt that I could feel at home at Bellarmine University.
Ms. Courtney Russell, Nursing instructorMs. Courtney Russell, Nursing instructor
Research interests: Pediatric and neonatal critical care; maternal newborn health promotion and education; simulation and technology in Nursing
Why Bellarmine? I am a two-time graduate of Bellarmine, 2011 (BSN) and 2016 (MSN-Nursing Education). I returned to Bellarmine in 2014 to become an adjunct instructor and simulation staff member because of the Bellarmine difference. I received a unique, high-caliber nursing education that prepared me for my profession, and I want to ensure that our future nursing workforce has access to the same educational opportunities. 
Ms. Claire Wiggins, Nursing instructorMs. Claire Wiggins, Nursing instructor
Research interests: Violence in the workplace for nurses; bullying/hazing in nursing; compassion fatigue; self-care for nurses; preventing burnout in the nursing profession
Why Bellarmine? I started as a clinical instructor and fell in love with the culture. I am ready to continue teaching clinicals and adding classroom teaching to my full-time position. 
Dr. Carly Mitchell, assistant professor in the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist programDr. Carly Mitchell, assistant professor and program director for the Doctor of Nursing Practice-Nurse Anesthesia Track
Research interests: Improving nurse anesthesia preceptorship; obstetric anesthesia; neuraxial anesthesia; women's health and wellness
Why Bellarmine? I have served as the Chief Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist for Obstetric Anesthesia at Norton Hospital and Norton Women's and Children's Hospital since 2020. During this time, I also served as the Clinical Coordinator for student nurse anesthetists. Bellarmine University has an amazing reputation for graduating top-notch students. I came to Bellarmine to build upon this reputation by developing the preeminent Doctor of Nursing Practice-Nurse Anesthesia (DNP-NA) Program in the region. I am excited to embark on the role of program administrator, working collaboratively with our clinical partners, students, faculty and leadership.
Mr. Ben Sobczyk, instructor in Sports Administration (Esports)Mr. Ben Sobczyk, instructor in Sports Administration (Esports)
Research interests: My main area of research is Esports, or the competitive side of videogames. I know the term “Esports” is new to many people, but it has quietly become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Esports is now finding its way into educational institutions too, both in the academic side and the competitive side. There is a lot to learn about what Esports can be, and that makes this field incredibly exciting to work in. 
Why Bellarmine? The challenge. I’ve always been up for taking on new adventures and putting myself out of my comfort zone; building an Esports program at the collegiate level does both of those things. I’m looking forward to figuring out Bellarmine’s unique position in the state and region and making that work for our Esports program.
Dr. Diane Courington, clinical assistant professor in the School of EducationDr. Diane Courington, clinical assistant professor
Research interests: Trauma-informed care, traumatic racial experiences, belonging and safe spaces for students of color in preschool-collegiate settings, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) 
Why Bellarmine? I am joining the faculty after completing my Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Social Change in 2021.

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