Princeton Review calls Bellarmine a top university in the U.S.

August 30, 2022

1Bellarmine University is one of the nation's best colleges, according to The Princeton Review. The rating is based in part on a survey measuring student satisfaction with Bellarmine's academics and campus life. 

The education services company recently released the 2023 edition of its college guide, "The best 388 Colleges." Only 13% of U.S. colleges qualify for inclusion in the book, based on demonstrated academic excellence and 160,000 student survey responses.

"Bellarmine's inclusion on The Princeton Review's list of the top U.S. universities is meaningful because it focuses on our students' evaluation of their academic and campus life experiences at Bellarmine," said Dr. Paul Gore, Bellarmine's vice president for academic affairs and provost. “According to the survey, Bellarmine students know their professors care about their success, they understand how their classroom experiences will connect them to their career goals, and they’re deeply involved in the life of our campus and our city.”

The publication contains a profile of Bellarmine, which includes quotes that the book's editors selected from the surveys of Bellarmine students:

Campus Life

  • The school has “a niche, club or activity for everyone” (and “encourages and supports any club a student would like to create”)
  • Students "hang around Café Ogle in between classes, sipping on coffee and working on their laptops."
  • People here are “very studious” during the week, but weekends offer plenty of options for socializing.

Academic Excellence

  • Bellarmine has a "superb teaching staff," offering a "challenging but rewarding" academic experience.
  • "Insightful and dedicated [professors] want their students to pass their class with as much knowledge as possible."

Connections that Count

  • Most professors at Bellarmine "even provide their personal cell phones to students on their syllabi." This access to professors "really [establishes] an ability to grow closer to future employers and be willing to open up with them about issues, concerns, or ideas."
  • Material is often taught through real-world applications, and many teachers will even "help you find internships and jobs."

Experiencing Louisville

  • Student Affairs offers "free tickets to events or places around Louisville, such as to Dracula at Actors Theatre, a day at Kentucky Kingdom, or a day horseback riding." 

Identity and Inclusion

  • The school is "welcoming to every single person and makes an effort to include everyone." Students note that though they are introduced to "different cultures and customs from around the world, seeing that our student body is so diverse," they feel, overall, as if "I can't say I've ever met a stranger."
  • Everyone is always willing to help and "comfort you with just a simple smile on their face."

According to the publisher, the annual guide of best colleges -- first published in 1992 -- is intended to help prospective students and their families find schools that fit academically, socially and financially.

The report comes as Bellarmine celebrates starting the new academic school year. Bellarmine welcomed approximately 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students to campus for the first day of class Aug. 25, including the incoming class of 2026, the most diverse class in the university’s history. Students of color make up 27 percent of the class. Students also hail from 28 U.S. states and five different countries, demonstrating Bellarmine’s growing geographical reach. 


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