Bellarmine welcomes 19 new faculty members

August 22, 2023

Bellarmine Arch reflected in car window
Bellarmine University will welcome students for the 2023-24 academic year with the help of 19 new faculty members. Some of them (marked with *) began teaching earlier this calendar year; the rest will be starting their Bellarmine journeys this fall along with the 647 members of the incoming first-year class. All are eager to share their areas of expertise.
“We are excited to welcome these wonderful new members of the Bellarmine community. This group of faculty brings a wealth of professional and academic experience and talent to the university, ” said Dr. Mark Wiegand, Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost. “The meaningful connections that students will make with these professors will help to ensure that they succeed while they are here and after they graduate.”
Below, meet the new faculty and read about their areas of research and their reasons for choosing Bellarmine.


Caroline-Driscoll-BradenDr. Caroline Driscoll-Braden, assistant professor of Biology
Research: My research focuses on the evolution of empathy and the contexts that promote pro-social behavior.
Why Bellarmine? I am excited to join the Biology Department and be part of a tightknit community where students feel they are the priority!



Roy-Fuller*Dr. Roy Fuller, assistant professor of Theology, previous adjunct

Research: My current areas of research are religion and assisted reproductive technology, as well as interfaith relations, especially among the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Why Bellarmine? I have been teaching as a part-time faculty member at Bellarmine for 30 years. The university was one of the first places to give me the opportunity to teach.


Michael-KoppMichael Kopp, assistant professor of Art

Research: Community-engaged work has been the cornerstone of my artistic practice. I’m the founding director of The Social Practice Lab, a non-profit that aims to narrow the health-equity gap by designing and managing collaborative projects at the intersection of public health and public art. My practice interrogates the role of “Artist as Maker” to examine the social power structures of imagery, image making and image publication. 
Why Bellarmine? I appreciate the university's community outreach efforts and investments in the critical service-learning curriculum developed for students' education experience.


Douglas-Miller-New-Faculty*Douglas Miller, assistant professor of Art, previous adjunct
Research: My areas of research center on the processes of visual representation, specifically the preparatory work of large-scale projects and the inevitable alterations, false starts and abandoned ideas that are inherent in the making of the work. While these errors are typically discarded, I present them within the work so as not to disguise their lack of continuity. This research mainly investigates preliminary drawings, rough drafts of manuscripts, and marginalia involved in both visual and literary projects. 
Why Bellarmine? I chose to work at Bellarmine because the students have a high-level of engagement with the areas we study and show deep connections with the subjects we explore in Drawing and Painting courses. The size of the classes is perfect for the one-on-one interactions that are necessary for successful learning in visual art.


Robert-Eger*Dr. Robert Eger, professor of Accounting
Research: My research focuses on the intersection of accounting and public policy.  My research method is archival.
Why Bellarmine? I believe in the mission of Bellarmine and want to teach and work in an environment where tradition and progress are the focus. Progress and tradition were apparent in the students I interacted with when I was on my campus visit. They were excited about Bellarmine.
Drew-HamiltonDrew Hamilton, Accounting instructor
Research: I have been in public accounting, specifically in income tax, for my entire career. At Bellarmine I will primarily focus on instructing students and sharing how the concepts they learn apply in the working world.
Why Bellarmine? In my opinion, the best and brightest co-workers at Ernst Young Louisville are products of Bellarmine. Teaching and learning are some of my favorite parts of public accounting, so I'm excited to be part of Bellarmine's great program.



Lyndsey-BlairDr. Lyndsey Blair, assistant professor of Healthcare Administration & Public Health
Research: My current research is centered on legal epidemiology. I am currently examining private well-water laws in relation to bladder cancer rates in the U.S. Arsenic is a common contaminant found in private well water, and there is a known association between arsenic and bladder cancer; however, private well water is not regulated and only a handful of states require testing for contaminants.  I am very passionate about laws and policies and how they affect health as well as examining whether they are equitable for all.

Why Bellarmine? I was drawn to Bellarmine specifically for its sense of community and belonging. From the moment I stepped onto campus I could tell that it was more like a family, and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a member!


Madeline-TomlinsonDr. Madeline Tomlinson, assistant professor of Public Health
Research: My research is focused on reproductive epidemiology, maternal and child health, women's health, and global health. Currently, I am working on a project about menstrual hygiene management among adolescent girls in Nigeria, with the aim of increasing access to education, materials and facilities. 
Why Bellarmine? I chose to work at Bellarmine because of the small class sizes, the liberal arts mindset, and the possibility to grow interest in global public health.


Donna and Allan Lansing School of Nursing and Clinical Sciences 

Elizabeth-Cook*Dr. Elizabeth Cook, assistant professor of Nursing
Research: Mental health is my primary area of research. 

Why Bellarmine? I chose to work at Bellarmine as I am passionate about Nursing Education, particularly in the realm of communication and mental health.




Amanda-Noorani*Amanda Noorani, Nursing instructor, previous clinical instructor

Research : My primary area of research is Nursing Leadership, which is a critical component of healthcare systems. It involves guiding and influencing nursing teams to deliver high-quality patient care, fostering a positive work environment, and ensuring effective communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals. My secondary area of research is Pressure Injury Prevention. This prevention is crucial because these injuries can lead to serious complications, especially for patients who are bedridden or have limited mobility. 

Why Bellarmine? I chose Bellarmine because of its community feel and commitment to students. The community-oriented approach is designed to create a supportive and collaborative learning and working environment. Faculty members like me can feel more connected to their colleagues and students, which can positively impact teaching, research and professional development. Bellarmine's commitment to its students implies a dedication to their academic and personal growth. As a faculty member, working in an environment where the institution prioritizes student success and well-being can be fulfilling and rewarding.  

Leslie-PikeLeslie Pike, Nursing instructor 
Research: My research interests are focused on Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocols for improved patient outcomes post-op and preventative healthcare availability in the underprivileged population within our area.
Why Bellarmine? I have been extremely fortunate to spend 20 years as a nurse, beginning in critical care and transitioning to nurse anesthetist for the past 14 years. I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to teach at a student-centered institution for nurses that focuses on community. Our nursing workforce needs institutions like Bellarmine more than ever to prepare nurses to be exceptionally educated and empathetic providers. The “Bellarmine difference” is exactly what our nursing students need to guide them into their future successful nursing careers!
Booth-Simmons*Dr. Boone Simmons, assistant professor DNP-NA
Research: Improvement of intraoperative communication.
Why Bellarmine? I chose Bellarmine because of its reputation and drive for excellence.




Shannon-TerryShannon Terry, Respiratory Therapy instructor

Research: My area of study is Respiratory Therapy. I have been a respiratory therapist for 23 years. I previously worked at Bellarmine in 2006. 
Why Bellarmine? I was the Respiratory Therapy Program director at Sullivan University for 12 years, and I absolutely missed working with students. I chose Bellarmine due to my experience in higher education and my expertise in Respiratory Therapy.
School of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences
Mitch-GreenwellMitch Greenwell ’09, ’13, Sports Administration instructor
Research: Sports administration with an Esports focus

Why Bellarmine? Bellarmine has been a special place to me for almost 20 years.  I received my undergraduate degree in English & Secondary Education from Bellarmine in 2009 and my master’s degree as a Literacy Specialist in 2013. I’m excited to bring my passion for Esports to my alma mater and give back to the community that has given me so much.


Callie-LathamDr. Callie Latham, assistant professor of Physical Therapy
Research: My areas of research are pelvic health physical therapy, specifically curricular research and diversity within healthcare and healthcare education. 
Why Bellarmine? I chose Bellarmine because service and community are at the heart of the school. Additionally, I want to constantly surround myself with people smarter than me, and I can do that here.

Elizabeth-Levay*Dr. Elizabeth Levay, assistant professor of Physical Therapy

Research: My areas of research include Doctor of Physical Therapy curricular outcomes and understanding barriers to addressing sexual health in patient care. 
Why Bellarmine? I chose to work at Bellarmine because of the relationships I had formed as a Bellarmine DPT and Ph.D. student and former adjunct faculty member. A positive environment is important to me in day-to-day and long-term happiness in a workplace, and I felt that Bellarmine's community would provide me with that type of hospitality and support.
Hayleigh-Ratliff*Dr. Hayleigh Raiff, assistant professor of Physical Therapy
Research: My areas of research interest include cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy in outpatient and home health settings; the role of physical therapy in reducing hospital readmissions; and inspiratory muscle training interventions.   
Why Bellarmine? I chose to work at Bellarmine because I appreciated the collaborative and team-based approach I observed when getting to know the faculty and staff. Since my first visit, I have felt very welcomed, and I look forward to continuing to get to know Bellarmine and actively participating in the Bellarmine and Louisville communities.     


Yung-ColenDr. Jung Colen, associate professor of Math Education
Research: I am interested in studying mathematical teaching practices. I am dedicated to exploring innovative teaching methods, instructional technologies and evidence-based strategies that cater to diverse learners, promote conceptual understanding, and foster problem-solving skills. The aim is to enhance mathematics education and empower educators to create meaningful and impactful mathematics learning experiences for their students.
Why Bellarmine? I chose to work at Bellarmine University for its exceptional commitment to academic excellence, inclusive community values and a supportive teaching environment. With a diverse and dedicated student body, along with a vibrant campus culture, I believe that Bellarmine provides an enriching and fulfilling environment for me to make a positive impact on the lives of the students and contribute meaningfully to the field of mathematics education.
Jessika-SmithDr. Jessika Smith, assistant professor of Education
Research: Reading and writing, particularly the ways that teachers, and sometimes their students, make decisions about which texts are taught in the secondary English language arts classroom. 
Why Bellarmine? I'm excited about working at Bellarmine because the university emphasizes exceptional teaching and fostering student relationships alongside research and service. It's an important balance, and the faculty here do it well.

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