Merici’s Mentors

Merici’s Mentors is a new initiative created and led by students that promotes inclusivity and community engagement. In partnership with Bellarmine University and Evolve 502, Merici’s Mentors guide local high school students through the complicated college application process such as ACT prep, FASFA, financial aid, scholarships, etc.


  • Serve underprivileged populations in the Louisville area
  • Provide access to opportunities regarding higher education, including scholarships, and financial aid.

We hold workshops every other Saturday on Bellarmine’s campus. No registration required. For more information, please contact Joe Frazier at

Merici’s Mentors Founders and Team

Mary DanielsMary Daniels

  • Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Hometown: Lexington, SC
  • Year/Major: Sophomore, Economics
  • Fun Fact: I was born in Cote D'Ivoire

Lexi CoxLexi Cox

  • Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
  • Hometown: Louisville, KY
  • Year/Major: Sophomore, English & Secondary Education
  • Fun Fact: I'm possibly the clumsiest person alive.

John SparksJohn Sparks

  • Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Hometown: Lexington, KY
  • Year/Major: Sophomore, English and Education double major
  • Fun Fact: I am double jointed