Faculty and Staff "How To" Documents

For information regarding Fall 2016 (and later):
How to Submit Attendance (pdf)

Attendance Reporting FAQs (pdf)

How to Enter Midterm/Final Grades (pdf)
How to Submit a Grade Change (pdf)
How to Obtain a List of Your Advisees (pdf)
How to Run a Report of Your Advisees to Email (pdf)
How to Review Your Advisee's Course Plan (pdf)
How to Obtain Your Class Roster (pdf)
How to Email an Attachment to Your Class (pdf)
How to Run a Report of Low-Enrolled Sections (pdf)
 How to Run the Graduation Candidates Report (pdf)
How to Run Reports of Declared Majors, Minors, etc. (pdf)
How to Run the Class Schedule Proofing Report (pdf)
How to Run the Pre-Professional Student Report (pdf)
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For information regarding terms prior to Fall 2016 (NOTE: These reports are for HISTORICAL purposes only and will not provide any current or future data):

Graduation List Report (pdf)

Students by Program Enrollment Report (pdf)

Course Registration Trend Report (pdf)