Analytics Concentration

About the MBA Program with an Analytics Concentration:

  • 39 credit hours – 12 hours of which will be analytics focused
  • Available in all tracks – weeknight, weekend, Executive MBA
  • Topics to be covered include: business analytics, data management and data warehousing, systems analytics and design for business intelligence, and advanced analytics with applications
  • Courses: MBA 602 – Business Analytics; MBA 661: DMBS, Big Data, and Analytics; MBA 663: Analytics Project Design and Implementation; and the capstone MBA 667: Advanced Methods in Analytics.
  • MBA 667 fulfills the international experience requirement. MBA 661 and MBA 663 fulfill the electives requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete this concentration if I am already in Bellarmine’s MBA program?
Yes! However, consult with the MBA Director for any changes that may alter your planned graduation date.

What if I already have an MBA?
You may apply to just add the concentration.

If I have already applied for the MSA, will I need to reapply for MBA?
If your application for a Masters is complete (transcripts, letters of reference, application filled out etc.) we will review with you and work with you to review the courses in the MBA and the Analytics Concentration.

Will I need to take the GMAT to be accepted into the MBA program w/Analytics Concentration?
Depends on to which MBA program you are admitted. Our Executive MBA does not require GMAT if you have 7 years of work/leadership experience.

What if I want to learn more about the specific program, and the tools and applications utilized?
Call us at 502.272.7200 or email us to set up a phone conference time or a visit.