The concentration of executive roles leads to more efficient and effective decision making. Each position within the organization maintains unique responsibilities that contribute to a dynamic top-down approach. The following includes a brief insight into each position:

President: Acts as the chief executive officer for the organization, overseeing club officers and members to ensure club operations run smoothly. The president also holds regular meetings with club advisor.

Executive Advisor: Provides additional support to Co-Presidents.

VP of Investment Relations: Acts as the liaison between our organization and the Bellarmine Administration Executives and is in charge of raising capital.

VP of Investment Operations: Manages the Sustainable Equity Balanced Fund’s holdings and balances the portfolio within clearly defined constraints outlined in BUIG’s philosophy and strategy.

Analysts: Each analyst is in charge of choosing and monitoring a stock for the group to invest in. They provide weekly reports and analyzes stock pick, and presents transaction proposals to Executive Board when necessary.

  • Advisor – Dr. Bradley Stevenson
  • Executive Advisor – Meagan Makuta, Zachary Kuebbing
  • Presidents – Hayden Petter
  • VP Investment Relations – Abigail Oetting
  • VP Investment Operations –  Wilkin Savery
  • Analysts – Gabe Migliore, Robert Hampton, Sam Taylor, and Todd Coates

Organizational Flow Chart

Org Chart