As an investment institution, our philosophy focuses on discovering companies that are trading at a discount to their fair market value, are in a healthy financial position, and provide long-term sustainable qualities. The Sustainable Equity Balanced Fund’s investment portfolio seeks to achieve superior returns in a risk controlled fashion. This comprehensive and disciplined process includes a mix of 70% equities and 25% fixed income with a targeted cash position of 5%, all of which can fluctuate +/-5% depending on market conditions. Our portfolio utilizes a benchmark with a 70% blend of the S&P 500 and a 30% blend of Barclays Aggregate Bond Index.

We believe that a disciplined investment process is essential in running a well-managed portfolio. The Sustainable Equity Balanced Fund is formed by using fundamental, qualitative, quantitative, and technical screeners to reduce the universe of stocks to a manageable watch list through collective research across the broader market. This watch list is actively monitored by senior analysts with the help of junior analysts. Once an attractive investment opportunity presents itself, senior analysts will make a formal buy or sell proposal to the executive officers who must unanimously approve a transaction in order to execute a trade.