Rubel School of Business Early Entry Scholarship Program

This scholarship covers two courses including textbooks and is for early entry / freshmen in Accounting, Business, Finance, Economics, and Marketing.


  • A limited number of academic based scholarships for classes to be taken during the summer session after high school graduation (before your first year in college).
  • Scholarship is for two courses—six semester credits total. ACCT 101 - Principles of Financial Accounting and BUSA 103 – Introduction to Business will be offered in the School of Business. Students may alternatively choose one Business course (BUSA 103 OR ACCT 101) and one of the University's core liberal arts requirements offered in the Summer. Registration is limited to seats available in classes after regular registration is completed.
  • Housing ($50 per week) is available for students who live outside the Louisville area.
  • ACCT 101 and BUSA 103 are required course for all Accounting, Business, Finance, and Marketing Majors.
  • BUSA 103 – Introduction to Business (3 credits) builds a foundation of basic business concepts and increases the student’s appreciation of the functional areas of business. Students work with business applications including Microsoft Excel and Word as they relate to business practices.
    BUSA 103 will be in-person from July 05 – August 04, TWTH, 9-11:30 AM.
  • ACCT 101 - Financial Principles of Accounting (3 credits) is designed to acquaint students with financial accounting based on a manager's decision-making perspective. The basic elements of observing, measuring, recording, and communicating financial information are covered.
  • ACCT 101 will have 6 weeks of In-person sessions (June 5-15 and June 26-July 26 (11:45 AM-1:00 PM)); and 2 weeks of virtual sessions (June 19-22 and July 27-August 03).


  • Get a head start – Adjust to college life and develop a study routine before Fall semester.
  • Lighter class loads during your academic career at Bellarmine University.
  • Start upper division classes in your major earlier.
  • Eligible for part-time professional internships beginning in your first year. $15-$20 per hour – CPA Firms, YUM, Humana, Texas Roadhouse, Republic Bank, GE, Alani, many others.
  • May allow earlier college graduation for Accounting Majors.
  • The Early Entry scholarship does not reduce Bellarmine University scholarship awards for entering full-time students.

Eligibility and Business School Advising

  • Apply immediately. Qualified students will be notified of acceptance within 30 days. Applications will be accepted until the class is full or May 25. 
  • We will notify you soon. You will be registered for your summer classes after you have been accepted, confirmed, and are enrolling for Fall 2023.
  • I would really like to talk with you personally about the scholarship, Bellarmine's Business School programs, internships (while you are in school), graduate school planning, and professional careers. Please e-mail me or call and we will set up a time to get together. See you soon – Alisha


Alisha Harper, JD, LL.M.
Associate Professor of Accounting
Bellarmine University – Centro, McGowan Hall, CNMH 150