Bellarmine University / Strategic Planning / Tentative Strategic Plan Timeline

Tentative Strategic Plan Timeline

  • Late November 2017: Call for nominations
  • December 2017: Select committee members
  • December 6, 2017: Trustee Strategic Plan mini-retreat
  • Early January 2018: Kick-off public Strategic Plan process, live website to show progress and solicit ideas
  • January 24-26, 2018: Cabinet retreat with Strategic Plan focus
  • January 2018: Begin development of work groups
  • Spring 2018: Work groups collect data, hold open forums, collect ideas via website, meet with university departments and stakeholders
  • April 2018: Major strategic themes identified
  • Summer and Fall 2018: Initiatives discussed, further information gathered as needed, final themes identified.
  • Early Spring 2019: Implementation strategies and evaluation of final themes discussed; draft of strategic plan written
  • May 2019: Final Strategic Plan presented to President and Trustees