As we transition into the "new normal," we recognize that 2020 will have a lasting impact on your work environments and talent acquisition strategies. While the novel coronavirus has presented some difficult circumstances, this global health crisis has prepared our students with valuable skills as they enter the job market. From enriched problem-solving and communication abilities, to embracing new technologies through collaborative digital platforms, our Knights are equipped with tools necessary to thrive in the 21st century workforce.

Engage with Bellarmine Students

To share job and internship opportunities with Bellarmine students and alumni, set up a free account through our online, career management site Handshake. All current students and recent graduates have an account, so it is the best way to connect virtually with active job and internship seekers. Visit the Handshake Help Center to troubleshoot any issues.

For more information about Bellarmine graduates, engagement opportunities, and internship recruitment guidelines, download our Employer Guide to Recruiting at Bellarmine brochure or visit our Events page. For immediate inquiries, contact us.


Internships provide significant learning experiences that can make a difference in hiring efficiencies and employee retention. The best internships are mutually beneficial for both the employer and the intern.

Contact Lauren Pieper Coffey '09/'18 at lpieper01@bellarmine.edu for information regarding internship requirements by major or best practices to consider when developing an internship program. Due to the novel coronavirus, many internships transitioned to remote or highly virtual experiences, and we anticipate that trend will extend beyond the pandemic; therefore, we invite you to download our Virtual Internship Guide for additional best practices when working with a student remotely.

For further discussion and information concerning the legal requirements and standards of internships, we recommend you review the NACE Position Statement: U.S. Internships A Definition and Criteria to Assess Opportunities And Determine the Implications for Compensation.