It is our vision to create a career ecosystem across campus integrating our shared priorities with diverse campus partners to advance the career success of Bellarmine students.

It takes a village to empower career-ready students and alumni to successfully live, work, lead, and serve in the global community.

For more information, please visit our Resources page, refer a student for career advising, or request a Career Presentation or Program for your class.

Support Pathways to Meaningful Work

  • Self-Discovery: Talk with students about what they love doing and what they are good at doing. Helping students articulate their professional values, interests, and skills is key to identifying a career purpose and making the most of every opportunity at Bellarmine.
  • Career-Planning: Show students how to explore career pathways and set experiential goals such as internships, mentoring, research, leadership, service, study abroad, etc. There are so many amazing programs and resources for students to take advantage of that prepare them for life beyond Bellarmine.
  • Experiential Learning: Encourage students to get hands-on experience in a career area of interest and try build their skills. Internship are critical for affirming a career field and often lead to job offers at graduation. Having two or more internships is highly recommended! Visit the Bellarmine Internship Guarantee page for more information or download our FAQ guide for faculty sponsors.
  • Mentoring/Networking: Building and maintaining meaningful relationships with employers, alumni, and personal mentors is not only personally fulfilling, but also professionally rewarding. Many programs and Events take place every year to connect students with networking opportunities. The Alumni Mentor Program is one of the leading in-person mentoring programs in the country and connects 200+ students with alums in their field of interest for informational interviews, job shadows, and career advice.