LGBTQ Ally Training

What is LGBTQ Ally Training?

LGBTQ Ally Training is a program implemented at various colleges and universities across the country. It is designed to educate the community about personal, sociological and political issues faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning people. Through education and advocacy, Safe Zone strives to foster a safe, affirming, and socially just environment for the LGBT community.

How to Become an Ally

An ally is someone who identifies her/his self as a friend, supporter, resource and advocate for LGBTQ people. People who have completed the LGBTQ Ally Training program and have committed to serving as an ally receive a Safe Zone sticker that can be placed on doors, walls, etc. This then identifies the ally to LGBTQ or other allies. To participate in LGBTQ Ally Training, contact the Counseling Center at 502.272.8480. Trainings are typically offered once per semester.

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