What is the group structure?

This group is designed to help participants learn about themselves and enhance their interpersonal skills. Each member identifies their own goals (e.g. increasing self-confidence, being more assertive, being a better listener, expressing emotions, being more open/vulnerable, being more comfortable in social interactions). The group becomes a microcosm of everyday social interactions but with the opportunity to learn new ways of being and interacting, hopefully allowing group members to apply those skills to their everyday life. Members often discover personal strengths.

Groups usually consist of 4 to 8 members, plus two facilitators.

How do I know if this group is right for me?

The Interpersonal Group is best suited for people working on issues such as assertiveness, communication, social anxiety, self-confidence, boundaries and trust with others. Because the group provides opportunities to directly practice these skills, it is often an excellent adjunct to individual therapy and in many cases more effective than individual therapy in helping with these particular issues. If the thought of participating in this group seems scary, then it is probably exactly what you need.

Do I have to share?

Group participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, perceptions and experiences as they feel comfortable do so. It takes time to develop trust with others, so it is understood that new members may not share much.

How much time does it take?

The group will meet weekly throughout the semester. While members are free to discontinue at any point, members are typically asked to commit to coming for a month to get a feel for the process and to help in creating consistency for the group.

When is the Group?

Tuesdays from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The group accepts new members throughout the semester. The group meets in-person at the Counseling Center (Nolen Allen Hall, Suite 403). 


Gary Petiprin, Ph.D., & Bethany Jones, M.A.