Our Mission

The mission of the Bellarmine University Care Team is to promote safety for the entire university community, as well as provide support to maintain students’ emotional, cognitive and behavioral wellness. The Care Team is an interdisciplinary group of campus professionals that meet to communicate the needs and action plans for students of concern.

Reporting Students of Concern

Students, faculty, and staff members may report information to the Care Team. Any and all reports will be followed up by a Care Team member by phone or email.

You can fill out this form online to report a student of concern. Please include as many details as possible.

  • Care team members will not actively monitor this report form. Typically, forms will be reviewed at least once every 2-3 business days. However, due to weekends and holidays or other university closings, it may take several days before someone will review and respond to submissions.
  • If you have any questions, you can contact the Care Team Chair, Dr. Leslie Maxie.

Please contact BU Public Safety for all immediate safety concerns or if a community member is facing a mental health crisis at 502.272.7777, or call 911.

Our Team

The Care Team is composed of an interdisciplinary group of university professionals who work proactively to enhance students’ wellness, thereby enriching the campus and increasing its safety.

Students, faculty, and staff members may report information to the Care Team. Any and all reports will be followed up by a Care team member by phone or email.

The spirit of the group is to intervene in a preventative way around issues of campus safety and student wellness. Appropriate referrals include but are not limited to the following concerns:

  • Problems in Daily Functioning (e.g. missing class, social isolation, poor hygiene, erratic behavior, marked decline in academic performance)
  • Mental Health (suicidal statements/ideation, references to imposing harm to self or others, depression, grief, eating disorder)
  • Health/Medical Concern
  • Adjustment Concerns (social issues/family concerns)
  • Substance Use/Abuse concerns
  • Other concerns about well being (e.g. suspected domestic violence, harassment, homelessness)

Issues outside the Care team’s purview: emergency situations/ life threatening concerns, classroom management situations, judicial incidents, and academic grievances.  

Members of Our Team

  Dr. Leslie Maxie, Dean of Students, Chair

Allison Smithkier, Assistant Dean of Students and Chief Title IX Officer 

Debbie Fox, Director of Department of Public Safety

Dr. Lindsey Gilmore, Director of Housing and Residence Life

Dr. Alice Kimble, Director of Health Services

Dr. Gary Petiprin, Director of Counseling Center

Krista Schutz-Hampton, Director of the Accessibility Resource Center

Amy Siegel, Academic Advisor

Sarah Stephens, Student Care Coordinator

  • sstephens2@bellarmine.edu
  • 502.272.8150