Medical Amnesty Policy

When a student’s health or safety are in jeopardy due to alcohol consumption or drug use, immediate medical attention should be sought by calling 911 or the Office of Public Safety at 502.272.7777. Student welfare is a primary concern of Bellarmine University. The medical amnesty policy is in place in order to promote the health and safety of all Bellarmine University students, especially in situations involving medical risk from alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, and/or physical injury. Any student who calls 911, the Office of Public Safety, or another campus resource seeking medical assistance for themselves or another student needing emergency attention may not be cited for an offense under the student Code of Conduct. Bellarmine University may not pursue conduct processes for the student needing the medical attention and the student calling for assistance.

In lieu of participating in the conduct process the student(s) involved in the situation will be required to complete an educational program and may need to meet with University personnel. Parental notification may also be issued. Repeated incidents involving the same individual may result in a more escalated response on the part of the University.

Bellarmine University’s medical amnesty policy does not prevent conduct action for alleged violations of the Code of Conduct unrelated to the alcohol and/or drug policies that may occur during an incident. This policy also has no bearing on actions by outside law enforcement or emergency management personnel.

For more information on the Bellarmine University Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs, please refer to the Bellarmine University Student Handbook