Student Emergency Fund and Resources

Student Emergency Fund


The Student Emergency Fund is available to support the persistence of our students to graduation. Student Emergency Funds provide one-time micro-grants to students experiencing an unanticipated financial need. 

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Qualifying Circumstances

Students are welcome to apply for one Student Emergency Fund request in a given academic year.  Students must be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate classes at the time of the request. Priority will be granted to students who may be at risk of dropping out of Bellarmine due to unexpected expenses. The number of students who can be served by the Student Emergency Fund is subject to the availability of funds. 

Applicants should be prepared to show financial hardship resulting from an emergency, accident, or other unplanned event. Applicants must complete all application questions and submit supporting documentation if requested.

Examples of Qualifying Events
(generally covered but not limited to):

  • Medications and other costs related to medical care
  • Safety needs (i.e. changing lock)
  • Assistance with the replacement of essential personal belongings due to fire, theft, natural disaster, or domestic violence situation
  • Assistance with rent, utilities, food and other essential household expenses
  • Travel costs related to a death or illness in the immediate family

Expenses generally not covered by funds:

  • Tuition, fees, health insurance, study abroad costs
  • Non-essential utilities
  • Parking tickets or other fines
  • Entertainment, recreation, non-emergency travel
  • Expenses that could be anticipated


Students will submit a request for funding based on their level of need. The maximum amount students are able to request is $400. 

Upon receipt of a request for emergency funding, the reviewer will first seek approval from the Financial Aid Office, to ensure that receipt of the funds would not jeopardize a student’s financial aid status. Members of the committee would then review the request to establish that the need meets a qualifying circumstance. Review of the request will take place within 5 business days of the request.

If accepted, the student will meet with a representative from the Dean of Students Office to receive the funding and discuss additional options for support and resources.

**Information regarding student applicants will remain private to members of the review committee.**

The fund is made possible through the generous support of the Bellarmine Women’s Council, Knights Helping Knights campaign, Bellarmine Alumni Association and individual donors.

Additional Resources

Food Security

The Knights Pantry is located on campus and offers free supplemental food for students. Students can visit as often as they’d like and take as much as they need.

  • Open 24/7. If you need access outside of regular business hours, please contact Public Safety at 502.272.7777.
  • Main Location: Centro Treece Hall Room 225I
  • Satellite Location: Siena Terzo Room 117

If you live off campus, you can also access your local food pantry. To find the nearest location and hours, please click here.

The Family Scholar House Response Center (FSH)

Available to assist students in the Louisville community in connecting to available community resources at no cost. 

  • Students may contact the FSH Response Center by calling 502.289.6384
  • Response Center Hours: Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Advocacy Support:

  • Assistance in applying for necessary welfare benefits
  • Connect to resources such as food pantries, childcare, transportation, etc
  • Help navigating solutions to any problems you may face that could hinder your success

Technology Assistance:

  • Support in navigating online coursework
  • Assistance to apply for Emergency Broadband benefits

Emergency Assistance

  • When circumstances are warranted, FSH can assist financially with basic necessities and educational needs.