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Intramural activities are FREE to current students, faculty, and staff! Registering is easy -- just go to Easily create a profile using your Bellarmine username (the part of your email address prior to the, and you'll be good to go for the rest of your time at Bellarmine! Alumni can register at the front desk of the SuRF Center for $15/sport. All participants MUST be registered and sign the online Intramural Sports Waiver before they can participate in any events.

At Bellarmine University, we strive to provide an Intramural Sports Program that will encourage students – as well as faculty, staff, and alumni – to get involved with the Bellarmine community. Intramural sports provide a unique opportunity for students to participate in a competitive, intra-campus environment that is primarily focused on having fun. Students who play intramural sports will be able to make social contacts and develop friendships while also improving their physical and mental health.

Participation in the Intramural Sports Program can increase students’ sense of belonging and enhance their personal development in areas such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. One of the fundamental goals of the Intramural Sports Program is to support students in establishing the habit of participating in a variety of recreational activities in the present so an enjoyment of sport will continue after leaving Bellarmine University. This is in line with the Campus Recreation department’s mission to encourage the lifetime pursuit of holistic wellness through an active, healthy lifestyle. We also seek to help students improve their happiness and well-being through continued sport participation.

Seasonal athletics and one-day tournaments are offered year-round to appeal to a diverse campus population; an extensive variety of sports and games are offered. The Intramural Sports Program at Bellarmine University is designed for maximum student participation. Any student who wishes to participate may do so, as long as all Bellarmine University and Campus Recreation policies and conduct codes are abided by. The objective of this program is to offer a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed by the majority of students. A determined effort will be made to continuously deliver an organized and supervised program that is responsive to the needs of the Bellarmine University community.

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